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Golden Churn Butter

Latest Update News On Golden Churn Dated Monday, 15 Ausust 2011: Golden Churn butter not for Muslims. KUALA LUMPUR: Jakim has confirmed that Pure Creamery Butter-Golden Churn sold in Malaysia is non-halal.“This was confirmed by the agent of Ballantyne Food, from New Zealand, which manufactures the product. http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2011/8/16/nation/9304968&sec=nation 

Another update on Golden Churn from Jakim dated Monday 15 August 2011: Golden Churn butter non-halal  http://dikelantan.com/2011/08/15/jakim-golden-churn-butter-non-halal/

News on Golden Churn Dated Wednesday, 10 August 2011: “Jakim office here in Peninsula Malaysia has confirmed that the frozen butter from Australia is halal. Golden Churn frozen butter produced in Australia, which comes in 250gm packets, was in the clear and would not be recalled". Call JAKIM at (+6) 03 8315 0200 for more details.

Full news on The Star Online as below:

Golden Churn canned butter recalled after halal debacle


Here is another finding found on 'JAKIM confirms Golden Churn Butter is Halal' dated Monday July 8th, 201111:00 am  http://halalmedia.my/jakim-confirms-golden-churn-butter-halal